Echeveria help please

hampshire_ukMay 25, 2014

I recently bought some new plants, an echeveria cante and an echeveria agavoides 'romeo'. Both were tight healthy rosettes when purchased, but since moving them home they have begun to flatten out.

I think it could be a light issue, as they are currently in a north facing window (I live in a flat with 2 north facing windows and one tiny west facing window.). They do have a normal lamp with a fluorescent bulb on them for a few hours a day, but It's not really enough as I try to share the light amongst my plants.

I've ordered a fluorescent strip light that I'm going to place them under once it arrives, which will give them a constant source of light, but I wanted to make sure that lack of light was the problem and not something else before I change anything.

I have no clue what they are potted in as I haven't changed them since I bought them (about two weeks ago now). I watered the cante a couple of days after I got it home as it started to droop first, The romeo I haven't watered yet as the leaves still feel firm.

All the other plants I bought on the same day are doing fine and seem happy so I'm not really sure why these two are suffering. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Oh and the picture in this post is when I bought them, I'll post a picture of the Romeo now below. I unfortunately don't have a photo of the cante.


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The romeo now. (on the right)

Also the plant to the left is an unknown that was a rescue from a friend. Is it the same plant as the one with the label or just similar?

Thank you.

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The plants in the second photo look very alike, but the one on the right seems to have pointier tips - maybe they are variants of the one type- sadly I'm no expert. The plants in the first pic seem grand. I think echeverias flatten out their leaves when they want more sunlight.

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hablu(z8 Netherlands)

Here are two of mine to compare.

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Yes, it appears that it has lost some color too which is indicative of light changes. I personally have not been able to grow Echeveria in a north-facing window but certainly if you can get a bigger light that should help.

As for the second photo they are the same plant; the one on the left reeeallly needs light, more than the one on the right, hence their slightly different appearance.

Good luck!

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Thank you all. The one on the left is slowly getting a lot better. When I got it all but 2 leaves were curling over the pot and the plant had virtually no roots. It lost a lot of its colour over winter too but its slowly coming back. I'll label it when I get home as a 'romeo'.

Then hopefully the light will arrive this week and that will improve things, if not I'm moving in a month to a place with a south facing garden and lots of southern facing windows, so they only need to hang on until then.

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