South Pacific Scarlet seeds viable?

digdougdig(6)September 9, 2013

Hi! I grew some South Pacific Scarlet cannas from seed this year. They really were impressive and I'm going to save the rhizomes for next year.
I am wondering if I also collect seeds from these plants will they be viable and come true to the variety if I plant them next year? If so, how should they be stored over the winter? In the fridge or just in a cool basement?


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I have never grown this cultivar which is a recent release from American Takii and was an All American Selection. Takii is well known for their seed strain cannas produced in the past. They describe it to be a seed propagated F -1 variety. I assume this cultivar will produce seed but because it is seed generated the offspring will not be clones of the parent plant. You will need to propagate from your rhizomes.

Seed can be easily stored a number of ways. I personally place the mature seed in an open container and sit it on a shelf or a plastic zip lock bag with holes punched to allow any moisture to escape.


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Thanks for the response. I had a feeling that they wouldn't be clones. I guess I could plant some of the seeds and see what they look like. I should have plenty of rhizomes to grow more of the original cultivar.


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