Anyone know of a canna like this?

noticklish(z5/6 CT)September 28, 2004

Looking for names of cannas that have dark burgundy leaves and pink flowers.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Dawn Pink comes to mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dawn Pink

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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

A few more ..
Futurity Pink, Futurity Rose,
Wine and Roses, Rosever,
Shenandoah, Purple Faise,
Maggie, Barbara Hallman

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I purchased several bags of Pink Futurity Cannas because they are supposed to have dark purplish red folliage and
Pink flowers. All sites I have looked at, say they have dark folliage, however all mine appear to have green
folliage. They are planted in full Sun. Does the folliage darken with age or heat of Summer? The package shows the folliage as greenish more than Burgundy. I can see a purplish color along the edge of leaves, so I thought they may darken as they mature.

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Sorry but the leaves won't darken. It appears that your rhizomes were mislabeled. This happens quite often especially if you buy from box stores or discount stores. I hope they turned out to be pretty at least.


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All the cannas that I purchased as Pink Futurity came up
incorrectly. They grew very tall and had scrawny little
flowers that were orange. I purchased some from Karsh near
the end of the season, and they were all dried up looking.
I got one to sprout, but no bloom. It's foliage does appear to be the right color though.It has sprouted this Spring, so I will ust have to wait and see.
I am still looking for Pink Futurity at a reasonable price.

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