Planting Lavender

valzone5(5)August 17, 2006

Can someone give me some directions on preparing the soil for planting lavender please? Do I add much compost? Do I add bone meal? The soil right now is loose and well drained. It has only had weeds growing there for many years - this will be the first time in at least a decade, possibly more, that any perennial will be put in this spot. Any help greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Hi, this is my favorite plant. I have several in my garden.

Loves a south facing yard - loads of sun.

You could add compost mixed in with your soil but bear in mind this plant likes free draining soil Too much compost can produce too much moisture being trapped in the ground. I prefer using triple mixes - specifically the Black Earth ones from Loblaws or Home Depot. Bone meal is unecessary. Mound the soil a bit so when it rains the plant will not sit in too much water.

That's it. Don't hard prune this plant in the fall. Always prune them in late spring or early summer.


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Thanks so much Ianna! I have the perfect spot - south facing raised bed. I will plant them tonight. Thanks again!

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