Hydrangea - what could be wrong?

hammonds_ns(6)August 15, 2008

I was hoping I could get some advice on the state of my hydrangea. It was put in about a month ago at which point it was looking decent, I thought it would do some blooming etc. Now the leaves have this speckled brown on them and the flowers have lost their colour, have spots and no new blooming. We had a good amount of rain about 2 weekends ago and I don't know if this may have waterlogged the plant? This is my first hydrangea experience. My neighbours (I live in a semi rural area) have a blue hydrangea at the front of their home and it looks great right now with vibrant colour-wondering what could be wrong with mine? I made this post on the hydrangea boards but received no feedback. Thanks

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Your Hydrangea looks fine. It is simply getting used to it's new surroundings and adjusting to your soil. If you look at the top new leaves, they are nice and green and most of what is turning colour is the old growth from when you purchased the plant. I bought three Azaleas this year and they are all doing the same thing. Next year you won't see the discolouration.

Lacecap Hydrangeas (which is the variety you have) bloom on the previous year's wood, so it's likely that all the blooms you see is what you will have for this year.

So, in essence, your Hydrangea is doing perfectly fine.

Oh, and welcome to the forums from a fellow Nova Scotian. :O)

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Hi Tiffy,

I hadn't checked this post in a few days and just wanted to say thanks for your response! I think you are correct as the plant has continued to be healthy aside from the discoloration in the leaves, and no blooming which I wasn't really expecting this year anyway. Good to hear from another Nova Scotian!

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