Canna Babies

ilovetogrow z9 Jax FloridaSeptember 11, 2011

Two weeks ago I was reading a post about seedlings so outside I went and found seeds off of my favorite Red Dragon. It is a new one given to me this year and has been stupendous in its growth and blooming. Here are the seeds I started last Sunday after nicking and soaking. Have a great day. 9.11 Remembered. Paula

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Interesting post! Not being familiar with a canna cultivar named �Red Dragon�, I did a search and found it listed as a strain of Premier Medical Cannabis. In fairness, you do have canna seedlings growing and apparently not cannabis.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Kent, I was given the plant for free. This is what the parent plant looks like. It has been a outstanding grower as have been the seedlings. Wished my others grew this good. The previous owner has since called it 'Dragon's Breath' also. He has no idea as the wife is the gardener. Any help appreciated. Paula

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I cannot give you a positive id on your seedlings but we need to consider a few important points. First; we are dealing with "seedlings" and because we cannot know with any certainty the true parentage of the offspring we should consider that each individual plant is a hybrid of its parent/parents. It does not matter how much the seedling appears to resemble the mother plant. The only exception to this rule applies to a true specie canna and its selfed offspring.
In your case, the photo of the parent plants does indicate a phenotype that "may" match either a strain of C. compacta (aka C. Robert Kemp) or C. indica. Both of these can breed true.
By observing your offspring seedlings and with better photos for taxonomic evaluation we might get a correct identification. This is difficult to achieve from photos.
For the time being, you should consider each seedling as a separate plant and not assign the same name to the entire group of seedlings because the DNA of each plant would likely be somewhat diverse.
If the plants should prove to be one of the specie cannas, that name would apply. I hope you are not terribly confused by my abbreviated reply. The most important point is if the seedlings grow well and you enjoy their display, everything else is immaterial.

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