Chorisia speciosa, Silk Floss Tree, L.A. where to buy?

publickmanMay 15, 2010

I had a silk floss tree when I lived in Venice, but I planted it 16 years ago, and I don't remember where I bought it. I moved to Westchester a year ago, and now I want to put another one in my front yard here. Is this the wrong time of year to find it? Mine would bloom in late September through November. For some reason, I think I bought it at a nursery on Sawtelle or in West L.A., but that covers a lot of territory, and I'm still not sure. I think there is a nursery in Vista that might have it, but that's further than I would normally like to travel, although I do go there to buy orchid cactus.

Thanks for any help!


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West Covina Nursery, a grower/wholesaler, grows it at their San Gabriel growing grounds.

Any retailer who buys from them can order it.

Their main office number, should you want to check on who they do sell to, is 909-596-3723.


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Thanks, Joe! I called them and left a message on their voice mail - I guess they are not open on week-ends. If I don't hear back from them, I will call them again on Monday to see if they have any referrals to west-side nurseries.

I would rather not have a nursery order it for me because I have no idea what I would get. I would prefer to pick it out myself, and I thought that perhaps they were for sale retail only when blooming. We are almost finished with the major revisions of landscaping for the front yard (the back yard is a couple of years from completion), and so I was anxious to get this last major plant. One thing I like about this tree is that it does grow rather quickly, unlike the Mamey that I bought a couple of weeks ago for the back yard. That tree will stay in a large pot for the next two years until I have the space ready for it.


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The West Covina nursery in San Gabriel does not have them any more, but they gave me a phone number in Santa Barbara where I can find them. I guess I'll have to plan a week-end trip to SB, but I'll probably wait until June. They said that nurseries don't like to stock them because they grow too fast, but that's one of the reasons that I want one.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

There's a major tree nursery somewhere in the SFV...can't remember the name... That's it. They list Chorisia as available.

800 995 8744

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Probably closer and cheaper to hit the Asian nurseries in Gardena. Moneta, Sunflower, Pacific, Centrose, ... Can't remember if any of those are wholesale only.

Isn't Hashimoto's on Sawtelle? They seem a likely choice too.

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Thanks very much for the additional info. I called Moneta, and they have them in stock, and so I'll go there tomorrow. I did call Hashimoto on Sawtelle, and they did not have them in stock. Boething Tree Land also has them, but they are 10' tall already and cost $80, plus I'm a lot closer to Gardena than I am to Woodland Hills.


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FWIW, Treeland is worth an outing if you're ever in the area... it's right off the 101 Fwy, great selection.

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How big do you want one? They grow really easily from seed and seed is available wherever they are growing (in summer and fall)... Mine is 6' tall from seed two years ago.

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I will check out Treeland, if I can find it. We bought one at Moneta, however, and it was only $35 for a 5 gallon pot and a tree that was over 6' tall. It's in our front yard now, and I'm very happy with it.

I never thought of growing it from seed, but I did collect quite a few seeds from my previous tree and sent them to other people. I guess I should have kept some seeds for myself, but I'm not that good at growing things from seeds. I planted a Tamarind seed that I found in some Indonesian tamarind paste that I had bought, and it grew for a couple of years in a pot in Venice and then died for no apparent reason. I don't think I have room for a full grown tamarind tree where I am now, and I would be concerned about intrusive roots. I'm sure I could have found some seed pods lying around in West L.A. if I had waited.


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I am no wizard myself when it comes to growing stuff from seed... and this one was easy (Coral Trees are easy, too)... but the speed at which this tree grows is amazing.

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