marricgardensAugust 10, 2010

I received seeds for 3 types in a trade last fall. They have all grown well, some in the ground but a few in pots. I have Confederate Rose, militaris and Texas Star. Does anyone know anything about these? Can I overwinter them in the garden or should I bring them inside for the winter? I was planning on leaving the ones planted in the garden in there for the winter and see what happens. The Texas Star is in bud so if it flowers well before frost, I may just collect seeds from it. The Confederate Rose hasn't grown that much and it is already in a pot. I was thinking that it might be best to bring it into the house. What do you think? Thanks. Marg

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

It sounds like you have the following:

H. coccineus (Texas Star Hibiscus)
H. mutabilis (Confederate Rose)
H. militaris syn. H. laevis

The first two will likely not survive the winter in your zone. The third is apparently native to parts of Ontario so you may have better luck with that one. Certainly, collecting seeds is also an option.

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Thanks. I did some checking and that is the conclusion I came to. Good to hear tho. I did pot up one of each and will bring them inside for the winter. Others I have pot up already. They have been outside all summer and I think I will sink the pots into the ground and try that with some of them. The area I have to put them in is sheltered so it might work.

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It seems a good year for our perennial hibiscus.

Lots of blooms and huge
As well I have a row of 15 Rose of Sharon that are all abloom and now is there third year. Beginning to look good

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I have brought in one of each of the three varieties. The rest I will try to overwinter. I have a protected spot on the south side of the greenhouse and will try some of them there. Keeping my fingers crossed. This is the first year that my Rose of Sharon survived the winter, I had 2 planted directly in the ground and 4 in pots that I had sunk into the ground. All six survived and 1 has just started to flower. It's white with a red eye. Diane, I can't imagine having 15 ROS. What variety do you have?

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

My husband cross-pollinated a pale pink wild hibiscus with a burgundy specimen I bought several years ago. I finally got around to sowing the seeds in the winter of 2008-9, and planted the seedlings out in the garden last summer. They grew very fine and spindly and managed to form a bud which didn't have time to bloom before winter set in.

I was really surprised to see them coming up a few months ago as I never thought that they would make it through the winter.

They finally bloomed on Wednesday and it's a beautiful, large bloom, candy pink color with a magenta eye. It looks a lot like Lady Baltimore (?), but more vibrant.

The first bloom was about 8 inches in diameter and the shrubs are about 3 feet tall. I wonder if they'll grow to 6 feet like their mother (the pale pink wild hibiscus). The father plant was only about 3 and a half feet tall and just survived 3 years, even with winter protection. I didn't protect my seedlings last winter so it appears they might have inherited their mother's hardiness.

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Hello dianasan. Were those outdoor hibiscus or the tropical hibiscus? I've never had much luck with the tropicals here. I did trade for hibiscus seeds last year and a few of them probably won't be hardy in this area but there is a red one that I have a few of and will try some in the garden and others in the sunroom. Is there any chance that you could post a picture of your new plant? Marg

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Hey, marric. They are the result of a cross between 2 hardy hibiscus, not tropical/indoor hibiscus.

I finally did get around to taking some pictures on Sunday, but I have to create an account and upload my photos first. I hope to post them soon.

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