Canna seeds--How long will they keep?

cave76(8)September 10, 2006

My first time growing cannas and I'm going to try and save/plant seeds.

Can you tell me how long the seeds (which I'll get getting soon in CA in Sept.) will keep BEFORE nicking and soaking?

I'd like to start them in the spring.

If they can be kept that long, how should I store them.


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I am no pro at this, but from what I have read they will still be viable to plant a few hundred years after you are buried.

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

I store them where I store all my seeds - in the fridge.

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I've started canna seeds 3-5 years old and had almost 100% germination rate. I let them sit out for about a week, put them into a baggie or envelope, and just store them with the rest of my seeds in a box in a closet.


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