What to do now in preparation for next year?

bonepinkAugust 13, 2013

We just bought our first home - a townhouse with a modest garden that wraps around 3/4 of a patio. The previous owner had a lovely garden at one point I am sure, but in recent years let it become overgrown.

Since it is the middle of August I wanted to simply focus on preparing for next year. I've started by pulling up all plants and weeds currently taking over the garden.

I am a beginner gardener and would love to try vegetables and flowers, but would prefer vegetables over the two.

Question is what should I start doing now? As I said I've been pulling everything up. Should I discard all these plants? Leave them to rot there? Sorry if the answer is obvious, I really am a beginner at this. What else should I be doing now? Thanks for any advice!

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I would simply throw out the weeds as these may contain seeds or roots that could regrow if placed in a compost pile. Do this to start fresh.

If you plan to do only vegetables next year, then all you will need to do is add new soil and this you can do in the spring when the ground is ready for planting.

Does this answer your questions?

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Great thanks! Easy enough. That's sort of what I was thinking, regarding seeds and roots of old plants... Thanks for your help.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

I agree with ianna....soil amendments such as compost manure etc., dug in now will enrich your soil for next year...adding compost each year should be your number one priority to ensure a healthy productive garden....

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