Where to buy sod quality Elite KBG?

llo0dqleAugust 9, 2014

Hello, I'm from Edmonton and I'm wondering if anybody knows where to buy some elite cultivars of Kentucky Bluegrass of sod quality..local would be nice but I do not mind ordering online. I am aware of US sources so I'm looking specifically for Canadian sources.

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Pickseed in Sherwood Park is an excellent source of bluegrass seed, though I don't know if they sell in small quantities. Superior varieties are 'America', 'Moon Shadow' and 'Granite' ... 'Granite' has exceptional wear tolerance. There's even somewhat better bluegrass varieties out there, though you might be hard pressed to obtain them in Canada!

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Just checked in on the Pickseed website and they've added some additional varieties, I still believe that 'Granite' remains exceptional due to its wear tolerance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pickseed bluegrass varieties

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Thanks but I don't hear about those varieties too much. The popular ones these days are Bewitched, Midnight, Blueberry, Prosperity etc..never see any of those varieties listed on their website being discussed by the lawn nuts..

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It might be a challenge to find the uppermost elite bluegrass varieties in this neck of the woods, a totally different story in the USA where you can easily acquire them and can even have a blend personally selected by yourself. Maybe, things have changed now, though when I had been checking into obtaining some of those very same varieties you mention, I could not get my hands on them. So, we had carefully selected the varieties that suited our needs for a very dark green fine textured high wear tolerant lawn and also blended in a variety better suited to cope with any shady spots. We also chose varieties that require somewhat less mowing and avoided the ones with a rampant aggressive spreading rate that require one to maintain a very well tended lawn edge. We did find what was ideal for us and I'm sure your search will lead to the same.

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Which varieties did you choose for your "very dark green fine textured high wear tolerant lawn"? And which variety did you choose for the shady spots? Which varieties that you picked required less mowing? Did you get them all from Pickseed? Are you in Edmonton? Mind sharing pics of your lawn so I can get a visual of the shade of green and the leaf width? Thanks!

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