Disappointing blooms

boothbay(7)September 10, 2013

Finall my Canna's ( 2 ) are showing blooms. They seem to be in an erect position, coloring i believe orange...some of the lower ones have not even opened and look like rotting. I deadhead those thinking get rid of the bad ones so the others may survive. I have one planted in deep soil and the other in a container. The one in the soil show the hugh leaves with large holes...something is eating them. The one in the container is doing much better..the leaves are just fine, but the flower buds are almost the same as the other one. I water every other day...is that too much water. I will take pictures.

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We will need to see your photos and it would be beneficial to know where you live; zone 7 covers a large part of the country and general location at least may indicate which pest might be common to your area if that is a problem. As I stated in your prior thread the flowers would likely be quite small and somewhat unimpressive. Your cannas appear to be in the group of cannas that are primarily grown for their impressive foliage and size.

Canna blooms on this type of canna typically only last a day or two so the lower first flowers will likely complete its bloom cycle as the upper bloom begin to open. Refrain from wetting the blooms in the evening as it may cause botrytis rot. I do not think you are overwatering at this time.


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Zone 7 Brooklyn NY

Top pic is the one I have in a container and looks healthy
Below that with the holes shown is the one that I have in soil
Last one is the bloom taken with a macro view after i snipped off the bad ones in the center of this bloom. Those are the bloom from the one that i have the holes shown below it. Are they suppose to open up, or is that it?

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Your cannas look good to me and unfortunately the bloom head is consistent with this foliage group of cultivars. They are primarily grown for the foliage effect and to a lesser degree as a hummingbird attractant.

I cannot be sure what caused the foliage damage but I am reasonable sure it was caused by a chewing insect, possibly a Japanese beetle. Betting it occurred while the leaf was still in the rolled whorl. Since I only can see one leaf damaged I would not be overly concerned. You might dig around the base of the plant soil line for some hidden critters.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Plant looks fine. Agreed about the damage on the one leaf, something took a bite while it was still rolled up.

The flower stalk can be removed at this point, so the plant doesn't put any effort into ripening those seed pods. There may or may not be another cluster of flowers under the sheath at the base. If you peel that off and don't see a bud, cut the whole stalk down to the top leaf. If there is a bud, only cut the stalk above it. Each cluster only lasts for a few days.

The pic below shows a secondary bud-in-waiting.

The soil in the one pic looks really dry, but that's always a mystery from a pic. But Cannas don't like to dry out, so as long as there are un-blocked drain holes at the bottom of the pot, it would be really hard to overwater one in that size (and dark color) pot. It may need a drink daily.

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Let me understand, this cultivar is mainly admired for its large leaves? I was hoping for gorgeous flowers mainly. As for the holes in the 'one' leaf of that plant, those are separate leave's for that one plant. I do have drainage for the container one. The one with the holes is sprouting another flower cluster.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Well that's certainly for each beholders' eye to determine. I think both leaves and flowers are quite striking.

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I agree!
I used to prefer larger blooms, but after seeing how much hummingbirds like the smaller ones, I learned to appreciate them more

PS your Cannas are beautiful!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

TY, Maria!

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