Overwintering Potted Plants

mizcupcakeAugust 25, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I live in the Bellevlle area (Zone 5B,I think!) and am wondering if I can bring in my potted plants which include geraniums, sweet potato vines, ivies, and grasses,and store them in the crawl space.

This is the first year I have spent so much time and money potting these up and because of an illness in the family had to spend most of the summer at a hospital bedside...friends and neighbors watered and fertilized and each time we were able to get home they were such a delight for us.

Any info would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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You certainly can bring in your potted plants over the winter. Your ivies and sweet potatoe vine can be kept growing all year in a window of preferably a cool room, so that plants set out in spring will be huge. Geraniums (pelargoniums) can either be brought up to a sunny window or be stored dry over the winter in a cool, dark place. Your grasses, depending on species can also be stored in your crawlspace, if they are perennial.

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I know from my own experience that the sweet potato vine will overwinter with no watering even. If necessary

It is actually a potato and that stays alive in the dirt it is planted in. So not to worry about the green or whatever colour of the leaves

Sometimes, I just bring those pots in, for winter, the entire planted pot and try it in the basement.

Some things live and others don't.
I am not home in winter so they just have to make it or not on their own.
Maybe same idea for you.

We should have or rather use those digital cameras to take pictures of some of this lovely stuff we are fortunate to grow.

Brenda, hope the person who was ill, whom you cared for, is doing better.

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