stevesfl(Z7 GA)September 30, 2006

It seems that every year, my Cannas start off great...plenty of blooms, healthy foliage. However, as the summer wears on, all cannas, both potted and in ground, end up with what appears to be a fungus? New leaves emerge, but never unfurl....instead they stay curled up, and eventually turn brown. Also, alot less flowering.

Any ideas? How to prevent?



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Could it be leaf rollers?

The Northern Skipper butterfly lays its eggs on a new canna leaf & "stitches" the edges together with something that looks like spider silk.

Then the babies hatch & eat round holes in the leaves.

You can control them with bacillus therengensis (sp?) or trichogramma wasps, which are *not* stinging insects but microscopic wasps that eat the eggs or the larvae.

If it is a fungus, you might spritz the leaves, heavily, front & back, with a thin mixture of milk in water.

Best luck!

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