Canna-cide by duck

DISSmith(z8b SC)September 9, 2006 webbed-footed Muscovy duck friends chewed a prized Canna down to a height of 4" (also ate a Xanthosoma to the ground, and sheered off half a Colocasia Black Beauty!!) I don't have enough cayenne & wire cages. :O I guess I'm just wondering if it can recover, or have enough time to recover before it gets truly cold (Nov.). I've always left mine in-ground over winter when they die down but always come back(Z8). Any suggestions? Thoughts?

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hydroharold(Hudson Vly NY)

I feel your pain! I found a 4" tuber discard growing in the compost pile late Spring. I rescued the little guy and potted him so he could catch up to the rest of the gang. Exploring woodchuck bit him off at the soil level, tasted him a little and left the body for me to find... I'll see how it grows next year... That was the first animal damage in four years since the Rottweiller vs. slingshot/paintball episode!

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

LOL! OK, I'm not even gonna ask about the Rottweiller paintball thing! But I thank you for the sympathy. Darn ducks were back this morning, sniffing around the Gingers! I was out there like a crazy person trying to run them off. (They don't scare easily.) Guess I'll just see how the Canna does til it starts to get frosty, and remain on guard.

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

Aargghh!! Ok, today they snacked on an Alocasia and ate all the Parrot Feather out of my little water garden! I nearly lost it! Considered having duck for dinner! (kidding. really.) I refuse to cover my entire garden in wire and can't stand guard 24/7! I will have to find some kind of duck repellant..somehow. :(

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