Winter care in zone 8/9

IlovetropicalsJune 20, 2013

Here, it almost never drops below 20 and if it does it bottoms out at 18 or so for an hour or two. I really would prefer to not cut back my brug to give it the earliest bloom possible next year. is this possible? I'm in Portland Oregon and I've never seen one overwintered outside before. However from what I've read they are hardy here. is it possible to do something different to prevent me from having to cut it back? it's a Charles Grimaldi, which I've also read to be one of the hardiest. I always forget about them in my garage so if this is possible this would be best. the main problem here in the winter is rot, not cold. if I place things right, I can grow oleanders, olives, grevilleas, agave Americana, and opuntia microdasys. I'm lucky to have a south facing slope. I have planted mine under a tree towards the top of the slope, so it's in one of the warmest possible microclimates.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I think I may have commented on the last thread you posted, but will give another try with this one. Brugs can be hardy under conditions that you describe (much the same as I have here in North Texas), but not if you let the entire plant freeze. Case in point...... we had an early freeze last year (October, to be exact) and I had not moved any of my container brugs inside nor cut back the inground ones. Some of the container ones did not survive this early freeze and the cuttings from the inground ones did not root as well as they have in the past. All of this to advise you to cut it will still give you lots of blooms as they bloom best when the weather cools off in the fall, but if you want early blooms, then I would advise a container brug.

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