stuttgart canna

v1rtSeptember 2, 2008

I have seen some links. People are not having good luck with them. They sai that leaves easily gets browning.

I would like to know if they're really that sensitive. I just saw a picture of it and fell in love again. :)

Here she is:

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I too would love to have one myself!!!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

I got two of them this summer and planted them in a spot that gets part sun/part shade the white parts of the leaves have burned quite a bit. Next year I plan on putting them in a spot where they will more shade and hopefully they will do better. I agree with you they are really stunning... if only the leaves didn't burn!

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Where there any white part that didn't burn? On that area you put, how tall are they now?


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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Some of the leaves have quite a bit of brown on them and then there are some leaves that don't have any burning on them. They may be the newer leaves. I would say maybe about 20% is burned.  The plants still look ok and are about 4 feet tall. I did see a posting on the garden web a while back that shows one growing in a pond and it looks really good and it was really tall.

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From what I understand applying epsom salts is supposed to help with browning,also planting in a area with morning sun,or out of mid afternoon sun

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Where can we buy this epsom salts? Lowes/HD/Walmart/Menards/Jewel/Dominiques/Aldi?


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Stuttgart can get 6+ ft tall. I grew it with only morning Sun and it didn't burn.

You can buy epsom salts at any store that sells health aids. It is used as a bath additive, foot soak and laxative for humans. I buy 1/2 gallon cartons at walmart.

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I have my Stuttgart in morning sun and it has really taken off and spread over the past few years. It is tall and beautiful. Yes, the leaves do brown here and there, but I am not one for perfection. I look beyond the brown leaves to the overall beauty. I really enjoy it.

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