In-Ground Jade Drooping. Puzzling!

TheoryOfGravityMay 17, 2012

Hi there,

A previous tenant planted a jade plant in the ground. I've lived here since 2008 and haven't had a problem with it other than once over watering it (it developed a powdery substance I guess is mildew). Otherwise it flowers every year and gets red tinge on the leaves other times. Seems normal enough.

Recently I cleared out all the flora around it by light raking and pulling, and now am noticing it drooping to one side. I'm in Southern California. It's been this way about a month that I notice. It could have been earlier, but I just never noticed.

Also, a lot of stems are limp, some are turgid and strong. Also, we just went through our rainy season here in SoCal.

Any ideas? I had the inexperienced idea of slowly bracing it, to gradually push it up. Bad idea? Any better ones out there, so I don't end up massacring it? ;) I've always liked this thing.

Or maybe it's a matter of leaving it alone? (What I do best ;)

As seen from the sidewalk:

As seen falling away from us:

As seen falling toward us (and into the pavement)

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I forgot to say: I did try searching, but everything I found was about potted Jade or for mild or cold regions. I did try. ;) If you know of a link talking about in-ground jades that droop, I would be grateful!

ps. The jade gets morning shade, but all day sun after that.

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It has been hot and sunny for the past few days. The droop seems to be waning, though a little still touches the pavement. It might have just needed the new hot weather to start kicking off. Which is odd since I don't remember this happening before this year... again, I could be wrong with my track record of not paying attention.

I'll post another update if this improvement trend doesn't pan out. I hope this helps anyone else posting about the same thing in the future and this is all they can find. ;)

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I suggest maybe trimming allitle?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Drooping? Or leaning toward the light?

I can't tell if it has fallen over, or if it naturally wants to grow that direction.

Removing the debris from the soil could also have caused a change in moisture and temperature.


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