Pomegranate bud/fruit drop

roula(SoCal)May 25, 2006

My dwarf pomegranate looks healthy and has produced a lot of flowers. Once the petals fall off the the fruit(?) stays for a few days and then falls off.

I have fed it my citrus fertilizer which is supposedly good for all fruit trees. Is there another fertilizer I should be using? Too much or too little water causing the problem?

I have more buds developing and would like to save them.

This is my first year with a pomegranate tree and need help.


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It may just take a couple of years before it produces fruit. I had the same problem a couple of years ago when the tree was still small. But last year we got a lot of fruit.

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Thanks pk! I thought I was doing something wrong.

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Punica granatum "Nana" dwarf pomegranate is grown for its beauty not its fruit. Mine is ten years old and has never produced any fruit. I have a "Wonderful" to provide me with pomegranates to eat, and it is grown in my orchard. My Nana is a focal point in my entrance garden leading to my front door, is now six feet tall and more beautifull than ever. Al

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Hi Al

My tree is "Wonderful" so I hope to get a few fruit next year. It's a pretty tree with lovely flowers.

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I would hold off on the fertilizer and would not ever use citrus fertillizer except on citrus. It is heavy on nitrogen which incourages vegetative growth over flowers and fruit. Al

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Should not be fertilizing pomegranate while it's flowering--too much nitrogen will cause the flowers to pop and then drop off. Start fertilizer rich in potassium and potash 0-10-10 at 1/4 strength in fall after it has flowered. when you see signs of new growth then start 10-10-10 until the next flowering cycle, then stop feeding again.

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Greetings I am a farmer in Spain and am interested in learning about new varieties of pomegranates. I would appreciate your help a greeting.

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