What's in your garden?

klfloridaAugust 18, 2011

Others have mentioned butterflies that haven't quite made it around here yet and it makes me wonder what is in every-bodies gardens these days and where you are located.

For me, here in Central Florida, I have seen Cassius blue's, black swallowtail, a few sulfurs and a few monarchs. I'm getting scattered sightings of these and a few eggs from the monarchs and swallowtails.

There are host plants for many others, they just haven't arrived.

So friends, what's fluttering through your gardens? If I want to hear from you, I'm sure others do as well!


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bob_71(z7 MD)

Maryland, zone 7.

Sachem Skippers, Zabulon Skippers, Fiery Skippers, Silver Spotted Skippers, Peck's Skippers, Cabbage White, Black Swallowtails, Spicebush Swallowtails, Monarch, Common Buckeye, Eastern Tailed Blue, Red Banded Hairstreak, Gray Hairstreak, Variegated Fritillaries, Dun Skipper, Little Glassywing Skippers. Only a rare sulphur of any type. Activity was very light until a couple of weeks ago.


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I'll try to list in order with the most plentiful ones first. What I've been seeing this week:
Buckeyes, Black Swallowtails, Spicebush Swallowtails, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, Variegated Fritillaries, Sulfurs, Checkered Whites, Giant Swallowtail, Pipevine, Great Spangled Frit, Monarch, Hairstreak, Red Admiral, Silver Spotted Skipper and itty bitty skippers I can't id.

Variegated Frits would usually be first or second on the list but I haven't been seeing many lately and I still haven't seen a Gulf Frit this summer. : (

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Gulf frits, pipevine swallowtails, tiger swallowtails, palamedes swallowtails, spicebush swallowtails, giant swallowtails, cloudless sulphurs, sleepy oranges, little yellows, red-banded hairstreaks, Carolina satyrs, one monarch, one red-spotted purple, one red admiral, whirlabouts and many other types of skippers and duskywings, mostly Horace's duskywings and common checkered skippers.

There are a LOT of gulf frits - YAY!


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Tiger Swallowtails, Dark form Tiger Swallowtails, Great Spangled Fritillaries, Lots of Silver Spotted Skippers, one female Monarch, one Male Monarch, lots of small brown skippers I don't know yet, Buckeyes, Eastern Tailed Blue, two Pipevine Swallowtails a couple of weeks ago, Spicebush Swallowtails and one Red Spotted Purple.


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Tony G(5a)

jackpot: monarchs (not as crazy as last year but there were 9 in the yard when I went out this morning...will post liatris frenzy pics soon )

some: eastern swallowtails, fiery skippers, also this has been our best hummingbird season ever

less common: red spotted purple, red admiral, black swallowtail, variegated frits, painted ladies. I know there are a couple of others but don't know their names off hand

Hope August is bringing you all more butterflies! Tony

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The most common butterflies here lately are Spicebush Swallowtails (although I've never found any eggs or cats on my spicebushes), and Silver-spotted Skippers. I also have Tiger Swallowtails, a Giant Swallowtail (has been staying here the past few days), various kinds of little skippers, a few Great Spangled Fritillaries, a Variegated Fritillary, Clouded Sulphurs, Eastern Tailed Blues, Gray Hairstreaks, Wild Indigo Duskwings, a female Monarch (now that a female came here about a week or so ago, I haven't seen the males), lots of Pearl Crescents, and at least six Common Buckeyes! The buckeyes were nectaring on the Verbena bonariensis. The butterflies just love those flowers and I'd never be without it. Even though it took the butterflies awhile this year to show up, I have tons of them now! :-)

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monkeybelle(7A NJ (Camden County))

In southern NJ, I just have a small garden so I don't have "tons" of anything, but this year so far I have seen Cabbage Whites, Tiger Swallowtails, Spicebush Swallowtails, lots of Silver-spotted Skippers, several other kinds of skippers (so hard to tell them apart!), an American Painted Lady, some Monarchs, and what I believe are Common Buckeyes. So much fun to discover new ones!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I'm in Grand Rapids, MI. I only see what is visible from the kitchen window, but I see Monarchs, Tiger Swallowtails, and Black Swallowtails, plus the cabbage whites. Probably many more, but I don't have time to sit and ID them. I'm jealous of you all and all your butterflies. Keep up the good work.


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Hey neighbor - I'm in Lakeland and have lots of species now - Gulf Frits, Monarchs, several species of Sulphurs, Spicebush Swallowtails, tons of Polydamas, Pipevine Swallowtails, Tiger Swallowtails, Giant Swallowtails
Cassius Blues, Duskywings. Low numbers this year for Eastern blacks and have only had one Zebra Longwing way back in June. Have recently seen my first Red Banded Hairstreak and have had a couple Long Tailed Skippers this week. Earlier I had Buckeyes. Also have not seen any White Peacocks but hoping now that we are getting enough rain that they will show up around the retention ponds.

I do have host plants for most of these and I think that is why they are more numerous.

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Adding my Red Admiral to my list. Yeah! I don't see them very often.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Interesting to learn about what everyone is seeing now. I am sort of limited here yet. I am seeing:
Tigers, Dark Tigers, Sleepy Oranges, Cloudless Sulphurs, Buckeyes, Skippers, Great Spangled Frits, Eastern tailed Blues, Pearl Crescents, and a couple of Horace's Duskywings.~~Angie

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I forgot to mention pearl crescents and silver-spotted skippers. The SSSs must be using the Robinia pseudoacacias and Amorpha fruticosas I've planted for them over the years, because I keep seeing very fresh looking individuals. I saw one yesterday evening, and its colors were so vivid!

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

It has been a quiet summer in my gardens this year for butterflies...

In the past week or so I have seen: Monarchs, Common Buckeye, Variety of Skippes, Pear Cresent, Gray Hairstreak, and Black Swallowtails.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

There are more butterflies in my garden now than I've seen in a long time - takes me back to the pre-Katrina days.
Add summer azure -

And variegated fritillary -


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