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Deb_E(z7/WA)October 2, 2005

I picked up a rather spent-looking canna today for free (some kind of white and light green variegated)and would like to have as a houseplant this winter. It was soaking in water at the store. Should I wash the current soil off and repot in sterile indoor soil? Should I cut it back? I can see new shoots coming up next to the main plant which is about 3 feet tall. I'd like to use it in the center of a big pot and plant other houseplants around it in the same soil, such as spider plant, coleus, etc... Is this a good or bad idea?

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username_5(banned for no reason)

I am not sure your canna will do well for you as a houseplant. Cannas like lots of light (although some do okay in part shade outside for some people) and lots of water and lots of fertilizer.

It will be difficult to find compatible indor plants to share the pot even if you can give it enough light.

It is more typical to grow these outside and dig up the tubers after frost kills the foliage and store them inside until next year.

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