A few pics a few questions :-)

jessiec777(Washington State 5)May 18, 2012

This is my gasteraloe "white wings" seems to be happy and back from what I thought was the brink of death. It turned brown and seemed to be dry with no relief. Do these hybrids have a "dormant period"?

Just picked this little guy up yesterday and it seems to be about ready to flower...any care tips for me? I have a split rock that seems to be doing very well, do they have similar care?

Jade getting some new leaves after about a month or so. I was hoping for more up towards the top.

Thanks for looking :-)

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Good job picking up that Frithia pulchra! They've been showing up recently for the first time in my area. I bought all 4 the first week, then all 4 the second week, (I always get multiples for seed production) so now I have 8 and mine are flowering too. The flowers are taking a long time to open so be patient.

Yes, they have similar care to Lithops and other Mesembs but they seem to like to stay moist, being from the grasslands. Also, they seem to prefer more shade than other Mesembs. Some sun won't hurt but I would give it the same amount of light as you would a Haworthia or Gasteraloe, limited sun, bright indirect light. Keep it from turning pink. If the leaves feel soft to the touch, it needs a little drink but don't soak it, just a sip.

The condition you describe of your Gasteraloe sounds like it had too much sun, dried out, maybe the roots had died off. You seem to have revived it nicely so just keep doing what you're doing. Some plants have an actual dormant period and some just grow better at certain times of year. I personally only change up my routine for Haworthias, Aeoniums and Mesembs. Everything else does fine with regular watering year-round. Eventually, you'll learn to read the plants and react accordingly instead of following set rules.

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

Thanks for the response Ryan!

They had some other Mesembs, but they were in really rough shape. Not sure I could have brought them back....not that I didn't think about trying lol They were of course in pretty much pure peat that was bone dry so I gently washed it off and put them in something grittier. I'm looking forward to the flower. I hope to see pics of your little guys when they flower :-)

I think you are absolutely right about the gasteraloe roots. I wasn't watering it enough. Poor thing! And to think I almost tossed it. When I bought it, it was in pretty bad shape and I brought it back. It's a tough little plant.

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Jessie, on the Jade, I don't think you will see any growth at top, I think it will fall off eventually. The Jade growth will come at the space between segments, if you cut between them, that part will die off.


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On the Aloe, I would imagine it does what many hybrids do, and grow primarily in the spring and fall, although I find mine grow throughout the year, just less so in summer and winter.

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

Thanks Chris! I thought just maybe I would get some growth up top since it was cut right at a segment. Maybe I got it too close. I'm pretty new at the jade whacking thing. Do you think cutting that segment down close to the next space where the new growth is help speed things along? I would like to make it round and bush-like at the top.

Good to know Jeff, thanks :-) Sounds about right for this little guy.

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Jessie, that looks like a full segment to me, by the way it has healed. It may not shrivel up at all. I don't like to let a big segment rot out on its own because if it's too big and takes too long, it can infect the next segment. If you want it gone cut it as close as you can.

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