What kind of box would you use?

cannafreak(z7 NY)October 17, 2004

Hi, I would like to know what kind of box to use too store my cannas. Could I use a plastic box like the one you can buy at walmart or kmart? Or should I use a regular cardboard box? Any input would be appreciated.


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Gwyn(6A, Mississauga)

Have used cardboard with news paper for the last 2 years

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I would use cardboard, being careful to keep it dry.

You don't want moisture to damage your cannas,
& plastic sometimes "sweats".

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

Thank you both. Thats what I thought just wanted to be sure.

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No containers,they will hold in moisture,and the tubers will rot. Store under a thick blanket,so they will stay dry.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I just pile them into an old cardboard box or paper bag and stick them in my attic. They stay cool and bone-dry and store beautifully.

The only problem I have had was with the thin, ropey rhizomes of C. 'Omega', which shrivelled quite a bit but enough survived to to replant in the spring. (Unfortunately last year I left them in the ground over the winter and they did not make it).

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wpooh(z6a Mo.)

I dug and stored my Cannas in a BIG plastic tub from KMart last year. I washed the dirt off the roots and threw over 200 rhizomes in the container. I stored them in the warm house. Warm, as in 72-78 degrees (wood furnace heated)They all came thru fine and flowered this Summer.

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wpooh(z6a Mo.)

oops... I forgot to mention that I did NOT put a lid on the plastic storage tub!!

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