Which grass seeds to be chosen

sdraza1August 26, 2013

My lawn doesn't have uniform distribution of grass. I want to buy the seeds either to supplement the areas which don't have good grass or remove old grass and sow the seeds.
Now I have seen that some grass doesn't grow tall but perhaps prefers to spread horizontally. I like that type of grass as it's leaves are also finer. So what type of grass seeds should I buy ( perennial rye grass or creeping red fescue etc. etc. ) There are different type of grass seeds availabe at home hardware stores. thanks

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You choose grass based on the amount of sunlight your lawn receives. There are grass mixes meant for full sun or shady areas. If you wish to get a more specialized grass, it means you would have to source them from areas other than regular hardware stores. The types of grass you may need is what is used in golf greens which are also full sun. Perennial rye grass perhaps,.. anyway consult the internet on selections.

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