digging cannas

iowabannutOctober 14, 2008

I was wondering if I need to leave my cannas in the ground until frost kills the foliage.

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No, you can dig them up anytime. Since canna rhizomes don't go dormant like tulip bulbs do, it really does not matter. You interrupt their normal growing cycle no matter when you dig them up. I usually start digging just before a killing frost, since it takes me a full month of spare time to dig mine.

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Thanks, I know the feeling, except it takes a month shutting down and cleaning ponds, leaves, and taking care of all my tropicals.

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where are you at in IA iowabannut? Sioux City here--about to head out and start the canna digging process. What do you grow for canna's?


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i've been growing cannas for 4 years now and every fall i dig them up , clean them and store them till usually late march and then i start them in a green house. By the time the ground is ready to plant so are the cannas. my question is must i dig them up, or can I leave them in the ground all year?

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I leave mine in the ground year-round, and have never dug them up & stored over winter.

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I have been giving a row of cannas if i will dig them up,
so what i am needing to know is, when is the best time to dig and transplant them? (At the same time)
Or if i dig and store them for awhile before i trasplant them, what is the best way to store them? and when should i plant them?

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