Advice on transplanting vines.

Kathleen101August 13, 2013

Hi. I am looking for some help. I have a pergula with vines growing on them, roses and grapes. The pergula is currently anchored in gravel. I am planning on moving the pergula (and plants) and would like to anchor it in cement. I am concerned that the cement may hold the frost and destroy the roots of the plants. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and the spot I am moving it to is only about 30 feet from the Mira River. I would appreciate any help or suggestions to preserve the plants in this move and to keep them growing afterwards.

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well there are many factors. It depends on the age of the plants - how long it has been growing in that area. It depends on the kind of plant. Obviously digging out old plants would be traumatic for them. You need to try to dig out a large ball of root to keep it undisturbed as possible.

For vines - i would first cut down the vine to a manageable size. (the less foliage & extra branches, the higher the survival rate) Second I would do the transplant only when the plants have gone dormant which is sometime in the fall so when you do uproot the plants, they are least susceptible to transplant shock. Transfer them to their next location and make sure no air pockets remain in the soil otherwise frost can kill the plants. Top with mulch to protect them from the worst of winter. this can also be done in the spring when the plants are just coming out of dormancy.

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