are miniature roses hardy in Montreal?

winnjoe(MTL)August 3, 2009

A coworker got a miniature rose in a pot after illness and gave it away. I stuck it in the front and it is blooming, so I guess it likes where it is. But I know nothing about them. Do I take it in for the winter? or leave it out?



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I planted about 6-8 and a couple of years ago and treated them the same as with the regular roses. I covered them with mulch and styrofoam cones. Only 3 survived the winter. The second winter around none of the miniatures survived. I never tried to take them indoors in the fall. Maybe you could try. I didn't because I have a problem with space and have to be very selctive about the plants I return indoors when the weather gets cold.
Maybe we can get some advice from the experts out there.
How are your clivia seedlings doing?

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owbist(6A-Niagara, Ont)

My wife likes to buy a couple of those from time to time. Once the blooms are spent we plant them in the garden. They last a couple of years but some do not make the first winter, at the modest cost it is no big loss. The bonus is those that survive and provide another year of enjoyment. We are zone 6A.

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thanks for the input.
Hi Consentida, after an intitial burst of enthusiasm they have not done anything more. They are exactly the same they were at the end of June. How are yours?

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merrilee(z6 NS)

I have 3 miniatures I've planted over the last 4 years and they are all doing well. I have them in a bed next to the house.

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Merrilee, perhaps the fact that you planted them next to the house gives them and extra protection because the sun heats the wall and it reflects unto the earth around it. Good idea. Also you are in zone 6, which could also be a factor.

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Joe, mine grew a bit more all of them have 1 leaf of about 7 to 10 cms long. What I noticed is that we have different cultivars because some of them are more elongated than others. I still keep them indoors. I don't trust the squirrels! One of these days I will learn how to post pictures in GW and you will see then, so you can give me your opinion.

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