dying aloe plant

wild4beanMay 7, 2012

I have an aloe plant that I transplanted from a plastic container in came in to a terra cotta pot. I used cactus potting soil and did not water for the first week. This was three months ago. It is now sagging and looks brown and dry. I don't water it too much because I'm nervous of over watering but it looks like its dying. Any suggestions?I will try to post a pic but I'm not sure how! lol

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This is a pic of my aloe plant. Please help

Here is a link that might be useful: pic of plant

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Hi Wild,

Has this aloe been kept out in the sun? When exposed to sunlight in high doses, many succulents will develop a suntan and turn brown/orange/red. Simply place it in some light shade and the green color will soon return. I can't tell by the picture whether the leaves are dry or not...they appear fine to me. When you water, water until you see water dripping out the bottom of the pot (if kept in a drip tray, empty once the plant had stopped dripping) and then don't water again until the top of the soil is dry. Since the plant is now in a terra cotta pot, you will have to water a bit more often, and even more so if you keep the plant outside. Others will chime in here as well.


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doesn't look too unhappy to me... any closer shots of the possible problem areas? I find it really hard to overwater most aloes, but you do it if you really try. Underwatering aloes to me is much of a problem

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I agree with Geoff and Nancy. It looks a little dry and just slightly tanned. It's probably drying out quickly in the sun. Also many Aloes don't like their roots to get baked which can happen in a terra cotta pot, especially in afternoon sun.

Just a little more shade and a little more water, otherwise it looks fine.

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Agreed, maybe little dry. I am wondering about the pot size too? Geoff did not mention this, so I guess it is ok.

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I suspect it's not very happy with the non-porous / heavily-peaty soil it's in, but as the others have said, it's not unhappy to the point of being in trouble (yet).

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Thank you all for your help! I do have it in a window that gets alot of afternoon sun. I live in upstate NY area so it does stay indoors except for in the summer, I put it out on the deck when I'm home and the sun is shining. The root looked a little exposed so I set it in a little deeper in the pot and put more cactus soil in to help. I have had this plant for over two years and it hasn't grown at all but never looked brown, dried out and (dying looking) until I transplanted it. That's why I went to the experts for help!:) I hope it is just adjusting to it's new pot and will bounce back. As for the soil, shouldn't it be in a cactus potting soil? That is what I read online I thought?? I would definately switch out the soil if it will be happier in something else. Any more tips would be great and I thank you for all of your help!!
Here are some pics of the way it looks today. There are three pics dating 5-12-12. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again!!


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how tall is that pot (can't tell from the photo)? If it is at least 6" tall, should be OK... I don't repot aloes until they have pretty much filled the entire pot with their roots (which takes a LOT of roots for an Aloe). Still, it can happen quickly if the aloe is happy and growing fast. You just dump your aloe out and see what the root situation is, or do you recall from the transplanting? I usually water mine the moment I plant them in a new pot... no need really to wait (unless you lost most of the roots for some reason).

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

That plant looks good to me. I like the red tones. To me that is how the aloe grows when it is in its habitat of sun. Do you know what kind of aloe it is.

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To answer your question lzrddr, it is in a 4" pot. It came from a 3" pot when I purchased it. The roots were completly surrounding the 3" pot and looked hearty. The weird thing was when I went to deepen the root ball a couple days ago, there was only about 2 1/2 inches of roots in the 4" pot. It's like some of the roots dyed off or the roots took on a wider smaller shape. They were formed longer and narrow from the old pot and now they look fatter and not as long if you understand that?! lol I'm not sure what type of aloe it is wantonamara. I don't mind the red tones either so long as its healthy. My concern was the stalks went from more of an upright position and a richer green to falling over, getting a reddish brown tone and curling inward. That's what made me believe it wasn't doing good in it's new home. Anymore advice,comments or tips would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks again!

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