Edible Cacti

maggie(9)May 21, 2012

In traveling from the North to my home in Florida, I saw a huge cactus plant in South Carolina, with lots of prickly pears on it. In questioning the owner, he had no idea if they were edible. He was happy to let me take a couple of pads and they are now growing in my yard. My question is: Are ALL cacti edible? I am afraid to eat the pads (tho I would love to), and also any fruit, should it mature. I would appreciate any comments or answers to my query. Thanks. Maggie

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Almost all / all fruits of cacti, particularly Opuntias (one of which you describe as seeing - it's a large genus) produce edible fruits, some of which are better than others. There are certain species of Opuntia which are prized for their pads - look up nopales. Before you eat them, make sure they're free of their spines and glochids.

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