Plastic container for growing seedlings

la_newgardenerMay 26, 2010

I am using a plastic (not too deep, long) storage container with a color lid. I put all my peat pots in there. I used regular potting pix and seeded the seeds as per the instructions on the seed packets.

I put this plastic container with lid closed under the sun and leaving it there over the night. We are in Southern California, the temperature around day time is 70 degrees and night time is around 54. I've been checking the moisture level on the soil. I seeded these only few days ago, so far no seedlings.

Has any one tried this? Do you think I will have success with seeing some seedlings?

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If you are putting a plastic container with the lid closed in the sun, you may have fried your seeds. I don't know the maximum temperature seeds can withstand, but it could get over 150 degrees or more in a closed plastic container in the sun. Take the lid off immediately! In a week or two you should know if they are still alive or not.

Carla in Sac

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1. You didn't say if your container had holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain rather than having the peat pots sit in the water.

2. Regular potting miz is not the best starting formula for seeds. A "seeding mix" is the preferred.

3. I'm not sure why you put it all "under the sun" but it certainly won't make a difference at night. Seeds and seedlings do need warmth but I'm pretty sure this is not the best way to warm them up.

4. Being closed, do you plan on opening the lid EVERY day to check on germination? Once they're up, seedlings need lots of light.

5. Common flower and vegetable seeds take 7 to 21 days (1 to 3 weeks) to germinate. Some faster.

6. What kinds of seeds?


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In the Southland I would think direct sowing would be easier. You didn't say what you were sowing, but if it is common annuals direct sowing would be much easier all around.
In any case when I sow seeds in a container for transplant later, I just use those small black 6-packs that nurseries sell their stuff in. Use seed starting mix to fill the 6 pack. Put the 6 pack so it sits in water (an upside down frisbee works good for this, or a plate or cookie sheet would work) and once the soil gets soaked, remove 6 pack from frisbee and sow your seed. Then add bright light and warmth. Success! Seeds want to grow and will if you don't get in the way. Whenever your 6 pack looks dry or is very light when you pick it up, it is time to water again. Watering from the bottom as described above is best as the top is not disturbed. And the seed starting soil mixes are easy to break apart to single out your seedlings for transplanting. I've never been a fan of peat pots, but that is not important. Hope these tips help.

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I sowed cucumber, cilantro, tomato, bush bean, carrot and chinese giant pepper. I am checking the moisture level and the germination around 3 times a day.

I am only watering the peat pots on the top, using a mister. It's been 6 days since I sowed, I see couple of cucumber seedlings popping up.

deep___roots, I like your tip, will try it next time.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It's easier to put bush beans and carrots right in the ground. Carrots can take a long time to come up, 2 or 3 weeks. Beans usually come up in a week.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Carrots get deformed when I transplant them, so I always put them directly in the ground.

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