!st year flowers

june_2007October 24, 2011

Hi I hope you can help me here. I bought a couple dozen Cannas this past spring. They did not flower. If I dig them up and store them for the winter, will they flower next year? I was in hopes of getting a lot of seeds to expand this area of our daughters memorial garden. If they are not going to put on flowers, I need to figure something else.

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Typically all our hybrid garden cannas should bloom in your growing area by mid to late summer if basic growing conditions are met. Planting date and sun requirements may be a factor.
Do you know the name of the cultivars you planted? Keep in mind that not all our hybrid cannas produce viable seed and the seedlings will not likely be a clone of its parent. By storing and dividing your plants you should be able to rapidly expand your garden.

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last year I bought a couple of Bird of Paradise, they too never bloomed nor got taller than 3 feet!
...they grew very wide very fast but never bloomed :(

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