Looking for Tropicana 'Pink Sunburst'

Minxie(3)October 15, 2005

Anyone growing this one?

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Hi Minxie, Tropicanna and Pink Sunburst are two different cannas with similar leaves. Tropicanna has orange blooms, while Pink Sunburst has Pink ones. I'd love to have a Pink Sunburst myself, but it's a much slower multiplier and much rare than Tropicanna, which Lowes carries every year. I do have Tropicanna and I love it. I don't like the orange blooms, so I cut them off. I grow it for the exotic foliage alone, so it's "Off with its head!" LOL.

I've recently acquired Tropicanna Gold with green and yellow striped leaves (like Bengal Tiger), but this one has an orange spotted bloom which I do like. So it gets to keep it's blooms.

Did you have any specific questions about these cannas?


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There are 3 tropicana...also a red blooming one

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desertrubble(z9 AZ)

Actually, there are only 2 plants that go by the name "tropicanna"- "tropicanna" (aka phasion and durban)and "tropicanna gold". I can only assume the the red blooming plant you are referring to is "durban red" but it is not known by the name "tropicanna"

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I assume asking a 'simple' question here creates some
kind of challenge on this forum. geeze....... Yes there are 2 that Monrovia patented by that name. No more questions on this forum!

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desertrubble(z9 AZ)

It's too bad if you feel threatened but it's important when trading, selling, buying named plants that you have the correct name. You should welcome correct information about plants you have or are intereseted in, not be disgruntled by it.

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LOL at "threatened". Follow your own advise. Patented plants do not indicate their parentage. ALL the plants are related to 'phaison'. Enough said.

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desertrubble(z9 AZ)

I hadn't mentioned anything about parentage or patents, and you seem to be the one issuing challenges. FYI Monrovia does not own the patents on the tropicanna cannas and they were both chance finds by people from other countries in other countries, so the parentage of either tropicanna is not a known fact.

BTW I simply don't understand why someone giving helpful information seems so hurtful to you. Maybe I should put smilies in my posts :-)

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I found a link advertising a Tropicanna Black, it has red blooms, deep red. As far as the Pink Sunbusrt, I am having trouble finding one myself. However, Dawn Pink looks very similar so I am growing that one next year. Like many others I am getting it from Horn's Canna Farm. I'll add the link for the Tropicanna Black.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropicanna Black

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desertrubble(z9 AZ)

I wish they had a better picture of the foliage on it. That should be an interesting canna, but with next year being it's first year on the market, might be some time before it's affordable and widely available. I may actually have Creamy Stripes by then!

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Azreno, I must agree with you. Having the RIGHT name is very important for serious collectors, like you and me. I'm a daylily addict as well, and I just hate when someone trades me a daylily by one name and it doesn't even turn out to be the right bloom color. And I like to be able to look up the names of plants, and if they are two names combined or spelled incorrectly, it IS a problem.

For the weekend hobbyist, names aren't important. They just want "purty flo'ers". But for those of us with a large collection, names speak to us.

I wish Lowes and Walmart were better with names. So many times I bought daylilies and irises from them as one name, only to find out they were completely different. Very disappointing! However, I did get some daylilies at Walmart called "Catherine Woodbury." When they bloomed, though, they were actually much more beautiful and I have recently had them ID'ed as Little Wart, a cute little compact fella, nothing "warty" about him at all. LOL


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skygardening(z9 FL)

The Tropicanna Black looks like a taller version of Futurity Red to me.

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I also agree that it is important to keep plants with their proper names, but wow! I have not heard anything so insulting in a long time. Maybe that post was not written with that intention, but to me in came across that way. I personally have never made the distinction between 'serious collectors' and, like myself, the weekend hobbyist. I figured we all enjoyed the experience of creating beautiful.

I tend to my garden on the weekends and when I have a chance during the week. I guess this Saturday I will go remove all of my name tags that I made for the plants and replace them with new ones calling them 'Purty Flo'ers' then I will update my wish/trade list to reflect the same name changes After I have finish that daunting task, I'll stick my thumb back in my mouth waiting to see if my new plant names speak to me as they do for the serious collectors.

When I found this site I was intrigued that I could find beginners, such as myself, and experts. I welcome any correction if I have relayed some false information or received any as well. . I am guilty of sending someone a rhizome that was labeled wrong. My daughter decided to help me out and combine all the rhizomes into one box for me, I didnÂt realize it until after I sent the box. Gotta love those kids! I donÂt mean to sound confrontational but if you believe that we weekend hobbyist lose site of the important issues, there is a forum for Master Gardeners. Maybe you can suggest the start of one called Serious Collectors.

I usually make it a point not to make post like the one I am writing, but I felt compelled this time. In case no one can tell I am trying to mix my dry humor with a bit of seriousness. Anyhow, thereÂs my two cents. Happy growing.


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Zitro, I certainly didn't mean to insult anyone, but merely to point out the importance of names. And you are what I would call a "serious gardener". The gardener I was referring to is the one who just looks for pretty flowers, oblivious to botanical or cultivar names. Just each year, this person wants to have a potfull of something showy sitting by the door. To that kind of gardener, they don't even care if it's a begonia or a coleus as long as it's purty.

When people like me go to buy or trade for plants, we need botanical and cultivar names to be accurate. That's the point I was making. I would hate to do a trade for something that turns out to be misnamed and not what I wanted at all or something I already have. There are many serious canna collectors here and I'm sure they'll tell ya, names are important.

Azreno and I tried to point out that Pink Sunburst should not be confused Tropicanna, as they are two different plants. And if someone wanted information on one or the other, knowing the correct name allows you to be able to do a search online to get more info on the plant.

I never meant to insult anyone but rather to inform, as I am an experienced canna grower, with about 50 varieties in my gardens now. I also live near a canna hybridizer who has created Spitfire, Tangelo and a few other varieties on the market now. So I gather a lot of my info from him. I, as GardenGhost, also wrote the FAQs for the forum. So I do know my stuff thru experience and research.

It is interesting that someone could be offended by being given correct information. I am usually thankful to be educated by another person. I love learning, especially when it has to do with plants.

Now, I'll bow out of the conversation and let you folks go back to your discussion.


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dilbert(z5 IL)

I will trade Pink Starburst or Durban rhizomes for Tropicanna Gold rhizomes. However, I prefer to trade in April so that both traders are not responsible for overwintering their received rhizomes.

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I am new to growing cannas and was reading through some of the older posts as I had not visited this forum before. I like to read the posts to get an idea of the kind of people on the forum and then make a decision if I will visit it frequently. For the most part, I have found good advice and friendly people. Thank you to those folks. However, I found the comment "They just want "purty flo'ers" to be highly offensive. I think many of us start out gardening because of the pretty flowers and then evolve. I don't think it is ever necessary or appropriate to degrade people who have less knowledge than myself. I like to encourage people to garden. No one likes misinformation, however, there are nice ways to politely point this out without insulting people. Just had to comment on that statement-- Sorry for preaching!

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

Hi Jill,

I don't think you should really be offended by that comment. My interpetation of what they were trying to explain(which is difficult enough over the internet) is the different types of people interested in gardening. I know many people that fit this category and wouldn't be offended to be told that. The bigger issue has to do with correct identification. I'm sure you can imagine the disappointment in trading or purchasing a special plant only to discover that it has been misidnetified and isn't what it's supose to be.

I've ordered several Pink Sunburst rhizomes for the spring. The quality of the rhizomes available last year were very poor. I'm hoping this year is much better. I'm paying a premium price and hoping I get a premium rhizome. I'll be extremely disappointed to find out that they are something else.

There seems to be something else going on in this post. I don't see any reason for the attitude in their replies.

There are many types of people at different levels of expereince.

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I am looking for someone that is willing to part with a couple of starts of the pink and orange canna's. I just had a house built,and am looking to beautify my home and new garden. If anyone would want to part with some starts. I would gladly send the shipping cost. Please let me know Thank you!

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

talk about mislabeled,I got a stuttgard from Hirt's Gardens that turned out to be Striped Beauty.It is flowering yellow now.Nice,but not Stuttgard.

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I hope you don't mind a visitor chiming in. I bought a Pink Sunburst last year. It really struggled for me. It didn't multiply very well. This year I tried it in a two different spots. The one in the perennial border looks terrible. It's so tiny, I keep forgetting about it. I usually find it when I'm weeding, and I swear it has barely grown since I planted it in early spring. The other one I have in a row of cannas bordering my vegetable garden. That one gets more sun and air circulation, but it's still nothing spectacular.
It wasn't cheap either, and it turned out to be quite a dissapointment. One more year, and I might have to pitch it.

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

I ordered two 'Pink Sunbursts' this past spring from Karchesky Canna and received two beautiful healthy starts. Each were planted in their own large 30 inch pot, Miracle Grow Potting Sil w/Moisture beads, placed in full all day Texas sun, and keep them well watered every day. I've hit them a couple of times with Miracle Grow spray foliar feed. The foilage and pretty pink blooms are beautiful!!!! They have each multiplied very nicely!!! I think the secret is the moisture content and the sun exposure. I would say they are the prettiest cannas I have seen...a GREAT addition to my tropical garden around a lagoon pool!! I order them from Karchesky Canna...you won't be disappointed!!! Mary Jane

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Way to go guys, I myself have founf this forem to be more than just Id on a plant. Everyone has helped me so much since I first began to try to id the few Canna/s I have managed to get. Thanks to everyone for there help. Keep up the good work. Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I am growing a Pink Sunburst, it is just getting started out, but I may be able to divide it in the future. I found it this spring at osh, in a pot and it was unlabeled. So, if you go shop around you may be able to find one. I found a lot of Tropicana's this year at home depot, but they were very big and I don't have the space.
If someone is interested you find my home page with my email from my member page at garden web or email me from the garden web. But, it may take a year for it be big enough to be divided.

Here is a link that might be useful: My website

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Glasshouse Works has a good price and virus-free stock. I would be wary of any cannas from big-box stores; virus is everywhere.

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