Dichorisandra Royal

diane_v_44(Z6)August 19, 2008

I have a cutting of a plant labeled so, in the heading

Sub title Queens spiderwort

It seems to be a ginger, but maybe not.

I am going to try to root this cutting

But not sure if it is at all possible

The flower is waxy and blue. It does look like a ginger, maybe

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Dichorisandra reginae is called the Queens spiderwort and is of the family commelinaceae. I grow these in my greenhouse and are spectacular plants when grown well. The method of propagation is usually division or root stem cuttings. If growing in the house, an eastern exposure is probably best with the same growing conditions of african violets.
The plant itself when grown properly has silver and purple streaks on the leaves when young. They grow about 12" high and wide and will produce orange red fruit

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Orchid guy

That is terrific news
Do you like the photo that is included

Does it look like the plant and flower you are able to grow

I would be so proud to get it to grow for me.

I have a home in FLorida and I think I will take the cutting down with me. So I could grow it over winter

I have it in dirt now and in a sunny location to see what happens Planted it today Maybe the sun will be good as it is not so hot just now

That was very good of you to see my posting and reply

Thanks so much

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Absolutely no problem, and yes it should look like the photo. You have to watch taking plants across the border, if you're caught it could mean heavy fines. You either have to have an import liscence or a physosanitary certificate to transport plant material across the border. I'm sure you will have no problem growing this exotic beauty and let us know how it is doing

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I do know about taking plants across the border

Surely that would not include just a little cutting.

My cutting is looking fine outside

I have it in the sun but a little covered part of the day by shade from another plant.

Always nice to have something special in the garden.
Something new and different

This is my first year at the house I am living currently Has been a lot of work making the gardens, mine.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Unfortunately taking plants into the US is not *legally* possible without a phyto. Even a small cutting requires one (so do seeds for that matter). Canada has more relaxed rules and there are ways to do bring plants in here, but the US is not so accomodating. If your destination is Florida, they are even more strict - several imported pests have devestated local agriculture.

See APHIS rules.

If you try to take it in without declaring it, you may be successful (many people do it without detection), but if they find it, they will seize it, and you may also have to pay a fine.

I had to go look Dichorisandra reginae up - beautiful looking plant! I've never seen one before!


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the cutting I have, planted now just over a week seems to be doing well.

I am so pleased about it.

I think it is going to take root okay.

BP I know the rules about bringing plants across the border. Thanks

It is rather odd, you know.
I have found that many of the Poinsettia that are sold in Florida around Christmas, have come from Canada. Isn't that an odd thing

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