Anyone transplanted a tiger eye sumac?

judyswont(5a)August 15, 2011

I planted one of these 3 yrs ago and it has now outgrown the space I put it in, plus it is suckering quite a lot. We need to dig it out but are wondering how deep the root system would be, as the gas line is somewhere close by. Has anyone dug one up? Also does anyone know exactly how deep the gas lines are? I heard 4 feet but wasn't sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Judy, I do know the suckers will grow easily if dug up. However I've never tried uprooting a fullgrown sumac. Your best bet is to wait it out til Fall.
For certain you cannot avoid cutting out some of the roots- but hopefully not the main root system. Water the plant well before attempting to dig up. and then place it in it's new location. Mulch well.

Ive no idea how deep a gas line would go --

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Judy, before you dig anywhere , it is best to do the " call before you dig" thing. They will arrange for someone to come out free of charge to mark where the gas , water hydro lines are ( in case any of these are near where you want to dig ) It is a free service and whole lot better than blowing yourself or others up if you should hit a line . Here is the link to Ontario's call before you dig program . I highly recommend it !

I too dont know how big a sumac root system can get but a good rule of thumb for most trees is ....whatever you see above ground usually reflected below.


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I have two of the shrubs and have moved them with taking little care actually Have done just fine but did water them well after transplanting
Mine are beginning to sucker as well but I do not mind in the location they are in

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