Are my cannas dwarf??

lovingcanna(8)October 11, 2005

For my canna this is their second year, but last year I did not have them. Well, the highest point is only two feet out of all of them. Does that mean they're dwarf or will they grow taller each year??

Also I am just now getting my second bloom for the year and I believe the last. They are growing in hard clay dirt so I wonder if that has alot to do with their growth(or lack of).

Any answers or opinions would be great!!!

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Do you know what variety you're growing? Despite being grown in clay, it sounds like you have dwarfs.

I've grown cannas in hard clay and that hasn't stopped them from performing at all. In fact, it's my understanding that clay soil seems to be rich in nutrients. Altho for many plants the compacted clay soil makes it hard for roots to spread and thrive. But it doesn't seem to deter cannas at all. At least in my own experience.


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Unfortunately I do not know what variety I have. I got them from a friend and she didn't even know what they were. Maybe I haven't watered enough because like I said I am just now getting only the second bloom out of them.
Hopefully they will do better next year...

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How deep do you have the cannas planted. They really only need to be planted about 2 inches deep. Also, they love lots of sun and lots of water. I grow mine in red clay and they do great the second year. But each time they are moved, they must resettle in. So the first year they are in one spot, they don't do as well as they do the second year.

My first cannas were Richard Wallace. The first year, they grew to about 4 ft tall. I was so happy. I had them planted all around my porch. The second year, by July, they were a whopping 7 ft tall!!! When I sat on my porch, I couldn't even see out, due to the canna forest. LOL

Give 'em time to settle in. With most plants in general, the first year they settle in, the second year, they test their wings, and the third year, they really put on a show.

There are tall, medium and dwarf varieties. If you don't know the name of yours, you'll just have to watch them and see who they become. How tall did they get for your friend?


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