Overwintering Cannas - Peat Moss?

bobby1973October 27, 2006

hi folks,

this is my first winter with cannas. once i dry out the rhizomes in the sun and transfer them into a box inside a dry space like a garage, do i need to cover the rhizomes with anything like peat moss to keep them warm? or just throw them into an empty cardboard box? i guess this question applies for any bulbs that require overwintering such as elephant ears, etc.

thanks so much!


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albertar(z7 LINY)

That is exactly what I do with my canna rhizomes Robert, also the same with elephant ears. I did put a layer of newspaper in the box first though, then the rhizomes then the peat moss. This is like my 4th year for them, so yes, that will work.

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thanks so much alberta! i really appreciate your feedback:)

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I have great luck just putting them in boxes with newspaper on the bottom and top, no peat moss, store them in the basement and they do fine.

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my garage gets really cold in the winter. There are some times when water freezes in there in gallon containers. Is it still ok to store the canna lillies in there? Someone gave me some "bulbs" from their garden for the first time. It is in a plastic bag in my garage right now. My basement is heated so I can't use that can I?

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dianer, it looks like you're in a zone 1 colder than mine (6). but my mom has always kept our canna bulbs in the garage over winter. they've always successfully come back year after year when we re-plant them outside. sounds like most people store their bulbs in a warmer room like the basement. my basement is 'finished' so i'd rather not store bulbs there for appearance-sake. that's why it might be a good idea to throw some peat moss over the bulbs if they'll be stored in the garage - just to give them a little added warmth. just dry them outside in the sun real good before you bring them inside. just my 2cents.

see ya!

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can you define what "dry them" means? how do I know if they are dried? days, hours?

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