Unbelivably Strong Roots

Grancru(z5 MI)October 26, 2006

I had no idea how stong canna tubers are. In the process of taking all my potted canna to the basement to sleep away the winter I was amazed at how many of the pots were distored or completely shattered from the outward force of the tubers. These monsters just don't know their own streingth.

Next year will be a good one with all this new girth and multiplication.


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"I am Canna, hear me roar."

Oh, wait a minute, wrong forum....

Here, we always grow them in the ground, but when I've dug some up for neighbors, for swaps, or to thin them or move some to another part of the garden, I've found big ole roots, too.

Maybe you could grow a cluster of them in something like a whiskey barrel next year?

Of course then you'd have to dig each one out separately for winter storage, but it might be a fun experiment.
Maybe bigger blooms? more blooms?
Have fun!

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