canna seed on seedling??

knobrocker(5)October 29, 2013

i have grown most of my cannas from rhizomes. i have started this winter to put some seed testing in to the works. i have some good results with my seeds from last year. my question is this seed pod still attached to the growing seedling. i have a couple like this, can i just snip it off, or is it still providing the seedling with some vital nutrients? i don't wanna kill the little guy, it is attached where the embryo came out after soaking. thanks in advance.

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Do not remove the canna seed from the emerging seedling as it is still taking some nutrients from the germinated seed. At this point, removing the seed would likely not kill the seedling but it would serve not real purpose.

After scarifying and soaking the seed we typically would plant the canna seed below the soil line and you would not see the results you have achieved.


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thank you kent. i did plant the seeds about a half inch or more deep. perhaps my soil was too loose. when i planted?? i did however plant the emerged embryo down. ty for the pic it helped. sorry to say last ight before i got this i did cut the seed off. all is good so far, still looks very healthy. i only cut the one off incase things were not gonna turn out well. looks in your pic i should have planted embryo side ways, maybe that is where i went wrong? anyway, thanks and they are doing great. it is cool to come home from work and check them out.

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