what is the best way to store these

Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)October 23, 2007

I dug up some of the cannas today, what is the best way to overwinter these bulbs? what is the ginger root looking bit? Some of them are just bulbs and some of them have that big root , this is my first year overwintering these bulbs I dont even know what colours they are.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

That "big root" is what stores the food for next year's plants. You should notice a nice growing tip on the tubers.

I'm glad to see that you have cleaned the tubers. Now you can trim off those small roots, let them dry for a day or so. I always dust mine with some bulb dust ( fungicide), and them wrap them up in old newspapers, and then in a cardboard box.

About April, I start the plants up again in nice new soil. The growing tip should be much more noticeable at this point.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out this links

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Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)

when I started digging them up I didnt understand eactly what I was digging and the tubers broke off. I have bulb dust I just feel really bad about breaking two of them and wasnt sure what to do wth the pieces. :( I wont make the same mistake on the other three

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Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)

what should i do with the pieces that i broke

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Go ahead and store them and see next year if they grow. They did for me.

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