Can cannas be planed in the fall in zone 9?

gkb48October 24, 2012

In Sun City, Arizona the winter's average temp is in the 70's. We have an atrium that is protected from the chill that normally happens during January and February. The temp now in late October is in the mid 80's. I've seen Canna bulbs for sale on ebay. If I plant these canna bulbs in early November will they grow and bloom if they aren't exposed to any cold temperatures below 40 degrees?

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Cannas will grow in the few temperate regions of the U.S. in the winter months, but because of the shorter length days and longer cool nights they typically perform below summer levels. Results will be heavily predicated on temperature. They often will require more attention to certain pathogens relative to the cold season. Receiving healthy rhizomes will be important but as your warm weather arrives they will have a great early start. Be prepared to supply plenty of water come summer.

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