are you getting more butterflies

finchelover(5b-6)August 3, 2011

It was pretty scare to see them for awhile but now there are more I am so happy. I was getting worried...maybe they love this heat we are experiencing right now

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

My butterfly numbers have definitely increased, and I'm so glad to hear that you're seeing more, too, finchlover!

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

Not increasing for me. As we are at 115 degrees (actual temp) it is very quiet outside. Not much activity except for skippers.


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I saw a big jump around late July. I'm still not seeing many Monarchs (none for a few days now) but I've been seeing lots of swallowtails, frits and buckeyes. It's been hot here too, way too many days over 100 and you're right, they love it or at least don't mind too much. : )

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Laura - Tulsa's temps are making it difficult for us to complain here. I think our hottest day was 108. That might sound cool to you. I do still see butterflies out even in the hottest part of the day but not as many as late morning. I'm afraid the drought is being tougher on them than the heat.

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

It's amazing how 100 degrees down right feels cool now. We should be back around 102 or 103 by the weekend or early next week and I can hardly wait.

My daughter is a manager at a member's only pool, and it's so hot here they have actually reduced the hours at the pool because it's just too warm for people to be outside - even in the pool. I think today we tied the record for the highest temperature ever officially recorded for Tulsa - unless we hit 116 which means we broke it.

We also went on voluntary water rationing today so I'm going to do my part and stop watering most of my flowers. The lantana gets the most business anyway and is the most drought tolerant so I'll do my best to keep it alive, but I guess the rest is going to have to R.I.P. :-(


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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

YEP..definitely seeing more of them here in my NW GA yard. I knew that they would come. :o)

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bev2009(6 IN)

I'm not seeing nearly as many as last year. The Tiger swallowtails are most plentiful, but I mainly see them flying at tree height, instead of in my garden. Last year I had several varieties, but not this year. I may have mentioned the verbena bonariensis did not reseed as I had hoped and I didn't plant the tithonia. Those were two of the most frequently visited plants, however, I have many other flowers for the butterflies to use!

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Tony G(5a)

After our cool Minnesota spring, We had our fourth hottest July on Record. Mixed with soaking rains the garden and some butterflies have made a comeback.

The monarchs have been the most plentiful and my monarch magnet is just starting to bloom, so August should be a great month.

finally seeing more eastern swallowtails, and I'm raising 5 BST caterpillars from our fennel.

I also saw a red spotted purple in our garden last week and I don't EVER remember seeing one of those in Minnesota before.

seeing hummingbirds on a regular basis too.

the mourning cloaks and red admirals were WAYYYYYYY down this year and I think they're pretty much done for the season.

Our cool spring ruined it for some early regulars, but the butterflies with more generations have come back nicely.

Don't despair, there's still a couple months to enjoy the butterflies.

Here's to all your gardens filled with colorful flapping wings!!!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I've had almost constant activity for the past two weeks. I don't have much time to be out in the garden, but every time I look out the window there are Monarchs, Tiger Swallowtails and Black Swallowtails chasing one another around. I also have tiny Monarch cats showing up on the milkweed I brought in to feed my single Monarch cat. So, my work is expanding! No complaints here.


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Beginning of June I had 4 monarch eggs and yet plenty of healthy milkweed. Then...nada...until about two weeks ago...then BOOM! I now have 3 chrysalis, and 20 cats.

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i am seeing more now but not as many as the previous 2 years. we have also been extremely hot here,so that may have something to do w/ it

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