How do I over winter a Passion Flower Vine?

sank_chew_airyAugust 18, 2009

I purchased a Passion Flower Vine and would like to winter it over in the house. It is a fairly large plant. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should do this?

Should I replant it into a new soil mixture and not keep it in the potting/peat mixture it came in? What type of soil does the PF Vine require? Does the Passion Flower vine need regular fertilizing or is a good organic mixture with yearly replenishment sufficient? Is the watering and sun requirements similiar to the Mandevilla Vine?

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hello airy
what works for me.....i cut the plant back...alot....and water root some of the cuttings to get more plants...
i keep the plants in the basement with a fair amount of light,not alot though...they continue to grow and i just trim them when they get a certain size....
early spring,i start to fertilize and increase light and heat....again,this is what i do...others might have success
doing different things....good luck

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Hi, diggy

Since I haven't the faintest idea what to do, I will do it your way!! Sounds reasonable to me! LOL

Let me think... I will water root the cuttings upstairs to get more plants, (just in case), put the main plant at the mercy of my son in the basement, threaten not to feed him if he doesn't look after the plant, (that ought to do it), and hope for the best!

Thanks a whole bunch for the tips!!

Yep! I will probably need that "Good Luck" you sent me!


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I had a passion flower vine growing in a planter last summer. I overwintered by digging it out and transplanting into a smaller pot. I had to cut back the top growth of the vine a bit as it was a tangled mess.

I kept in a bright window and watered enough, but not over watered (it's not actively growing in winter). Didn't fertilize until spring. In spring it started to resume growth and I put it back outside (after gradually getting it used to sunlight again, similar to how you do with annuals).

By the way, my passion vine hasn't bloomed at all this summer. I am wondering if it's due to the cool, cloudy, crummy summer, or if it's because I planted directly into the ground - maybe it's making roots at the expense of blossoms and likes to be root bound in order to bloom best?

Last year it bloomed quite a bit for a small vine, in fact that's the reason I bought it, it was already blooming at the garden centre.


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