Transplanting seedlings

weirdtrevOctober 30, 2006

I started some seeds about 3 weeks ago for fun and now I have a bunch of 5 inch plants and one vigorous grower over a foot and it sprouted later than the others. My problem is that I planted them all in one container and they are spaced about an inch apart and I think this is far too close and I wanted to know how to best seperate them. Will I kill them if I disturb the roots? I have no experience with seedlings and I don't know what to do. Not to mention I have to keep all these growing for the next 3 months inside until the last danger of frost.

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They should be fine if you separate them now. The roots may be tangled but just gently pull them apart and repot. You can put two or three into a gallon pot.

Once you have them repotted, give them a good watering to settle their roots in. Don't over water them over the Winter months. Most likely the tops will get to a point where they won't look so hot but don't worry about that. What is the important thing is that they will continue to put out new root growth and start to develope their rhizomes.

Once Spring arrives acclimate them to outside and put them into the warmest spot you can find. They'll sprout new growth and you can either plant them out into your gardens or repot them into larger containers.


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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I grew my seedlings in a large pot and had been in pot 3-4 months when I seperated some cause one side was overcrowding.I just stuck my finger in soil and pried it up& out.they didn't have a tuber yet just a lil root.They've done fine where moved them& most have bloomed now.The remaining ones in pot I'll stuff in cold GH.2 of which have bloomed already.I do plan to mulch my seedings thats been planted out....just in case being were not tubered yet when planted them.

I've always traded my seeds I'm intrested in the seeds more.

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I'm looking for white canna seeds to trade for my red seeds. You wouldn't have any, would you?



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