Ghost Peppers in Alberta

HillSeeker(3B)September 16, 2012

I'm looking for someone that has successfully grown and fully ripened ghost peppers in Alberta. This is my first year growing them. The habaneros are ripening but the ghost peppers are not changing color what so ever. I was hoping to get some input on how long they may take to ripen so that I can decide if I should move the plants indoors or not.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Have you thought of asking this question on the Hot Pepper Forum? They are very experienced and should be able to help.

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I am in Ontario & have grown ghost peppers (:

Once you see a bit of colour it won't be long. This year it took them 3-5 days from the 1st orangish blush to become deep red.

They ripened about 1 week after my 1st habanero & 2 weeks before my 1st Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.

Good luck

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Thank you for the follow up. Finally someone in Canada that has successfully grown and ripened them. I was starting to think it was impossible a few weeks ago. I've had a few ripen and you were right about a week after the habaneros they started. I was surprised at how fast they turn color. I'm still waiting on a chocolate ghost pepper to fully ripen (it's more bright red color now) but supposed to be -4 & -6 here the next few evenings so it's probably time to take them in. What do you do with your unripe peppers? I have about 150 peppers that won't be plant ripened and don't think they will ripen indoors.

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Sorry I missed the reply (:
I grow my superhots in containers & bring them inside in the fall. They all ripen in my sunny laundry room. It is too dark for new peppers to set, the blossoms just drop off. When they have all ripened I cut them back to where the main stem branches apart & water infrequently. Set them back out again in the spring.

I'm not sure what you could do with the green ones that you don't think will ripen... mine always turn colour eventually. You could try making sauce out of them anyway (:

Ghost Peppers sure are prolific. I have run out of things to do with mine (:

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