Canna leaves not opening?

maddigger(z6 NW Arkansas)October 2, 2005

Each year my cannas do great and bloom beautifully. Toward fall, several of the plants leaves stay closed in a sort of wrapped effect and the new leaves below try to grow through the twisted one and they twist the shoot completely over. What causes this. I 'd like to solve this one as I loose a lot of flowering in the fall. Thanks for any help in advance. Jim

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It sounds like you have a canna leaf roller at work. Take a look at this link for more info. Also search this forum for addition info.


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maddigger(z6 NW Arkansas)

Hey John, You were right. I didn't find any caterpillars but the damage is exactly like that pictured on the web you site you gave me. That had a lot of info. I may not have found any caterpillars because I had sprinkled seven dust on them a couple nights ago to get rid of the grass hoppers. I sprayed them today with diazinon because it was the only thing that had "for leaf rollers" that I had. I plan to get the recommended insecticide. I'm happy only the one bed of the three is infected. By the way, do you know if you take the seed pod off the plant and wait until it turns brown or wait till it turns brown on the plant? I want to try raising some by seed. I plan to get a few hybred white and pink ones. Thanks for the quick response and help. Have a great week, Jim

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Glad the info was of use. But you have now mined the total depth of my canna knowledge. Someone else more up to the minute will have to step.

I too was out un-sewing the "silk" stiches and unrolling my cannas today. I found the little worms in about 2/3 of them; smushed those little buggers whenever I found them.

Good Luck with yours,

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