Clematis blooming in the fall

diane_v_44(Z6)September 21, 2009

Last year, I purchased, about nine small Clematis from Ronna's for about two dollars a piece.

I have never grown them before but have a fence around my back yard and thought I would try growing them on the fence

I had never read much about Clematis and was of the uneducated impression that they only bloom in spring

Most of the plants survived the winter, and had on a couple some bloom. They are yet smaller plants.

Has been a surprise to me that three of them have just began to bloom now in the fall.

I know there are many many varieties of Clematis, but am delighted to have fall blooming varieties in my garden

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Your clematis may bloom in the spring or summer other years. As you say they are small plants. They probably hadn't reached growth enough to put out blooms earlier, or maybe they are late bloomers. You really won't know until another year. I have had many summer blooming perennials put out blooms in the fall when they were small.

If you are new to growing Clematis, I hope you know that their roots have to be shaded. They like their heads in the sun but their roots in the shade, so plant something in front of them or you can use stones or even a box or planter in front of them. Anything that will give a foot or two of shade to the roots. I add this in case you didn't know, if you did then just ignore the last part.

Happy gardening, and enjoy your Clematis, they are surely one of the most beautiful plants around

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When I had clematis, I always planted something in front of it. I planted soapwort around the base of Nelly Moser and a small shrub (I forget which one) at the base of my white one. A good site to go to for info about clematis is Great cultural info etc. The main thing you have to check right now is to make sure your clematis is planted about 4-6" deep. This not only helps it overwinter but it will also help prevent clematis wilt problems.

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Thanks you both for your input

I have read quite a bit about the care and planting of same

So are you saying that normally all Clematis bloom in spring. These young plants just haven't got the hang of it all yet.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Sounds like you might have a "Sweet Autumn Clematis".
This is my 'fall blooming clematis'. If your blooms are extra small, and possibly with a fragrance, it's no mistake that it's blooming now - it's called "Sweet Autumn" clematis and it only ever blooms in the fall. (the large leaves are from an intertwining white morning glory)

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Diane, there are many forms of clematis. Some bloom in the spring, some during summer, and some in the fall. I have one that has just started to bloom a couple of weeks ago in early/mid September.

To help them to bloom, is to know when to prune as some bloom on old stock, and others seem to bloom on new. Some can be cut back in the fall, but others won't produce if cut then.

One really needs to know the variety and their blooming time as well as when to prune.

Prune spring blooming clematis back immediately after blooming to promote healthy vines and vigorous blooming the next season. New growth will grow back through the summer and set buds for the next year's blooms. Vigorous vines can be cut back to the ground if preferred. Slower growing varieties will benefit from a light pruning, removing stray branches to shape and train the vine.

Prune summer and late fall bloomers while they are dormant or very early in the spring as they begin to show signs of new growth. These vines bloom on new growth, use care not to prune away too many young shoots. Remove stray branches and thin out old or dying vines to allow air circulation to reach the center of the plant. Trim overgrown vines back to 12 inches to prevent them from invading neighboring plants.

Prune clematis that has two or more blooming periods by watching to see which season has the biggest show of blooms, and treat the plant according to the recommendations for that type of vine. If it blooms more profusely in the spring, prune after the blooming season is completed. For those that bloom best in the fall, prune in early spring. Deadhead and thin these vines as necessary to maintain the shape you desire.

Sorry that this is more confusing, but that's the way of those beautiful clematis.

Check out these links:

To answer your question from another topic, my brugs have not done as well this year, probably because of the lack of heat we had. Then there was the early frost last weekend. I have started taking cuttings, and in the next week or so, I will be bringing them indoors for the winter.

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This is my first year with a hearty Clematis, although I have tried many times. Your information on Fall blooming has been helpful. I had no idea it bloomed in the Fall as well as the Spring. I am about to put it into the ground, from the pot and then I will pray it survives the winter to bloom next Spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden and Angels

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jroot can't believe you had frost and not I here, in Barrie.

It has been cool for sure though

I today moved some of my big pots into a more sheltered spot. Just have my Brugmansia in bloom At least a couple of them

I agree it was an odd summer for some plants Good for others Roses seemed to be happy

I have to look for you on the Brugmansia forum to see any photos.

I miss Ruth Ann. Did you go to see her this summer.
Thanks for the information on Clematis Most of this I have read before. Well I have read it and some of it I had retained. Seems I retain less, more often.

The photos are so nice as well Especially that Clematis with two colours. Don't know that I have ever seen such a beauty of a Clematis But I have not yet looked into Clematis all that much.
Not so nice is it having this cold weather already. Or it seems to me, that this is early to be cold.
I have even turned on the heat in the house

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