Mislabeled cactus, another ID please?

junglemel(9)May 17, 2012

Ok, so I posted this elsewhere as I feel like I keep asking you all to ID things for me once a month, and I feel bad about that because every other post here is an ID request. However, it seems as if this is the only place my plants get IDs that are correct and not just a bunch of wrong guesses. Those that ID things around here are a bunch of pros, so this won't be my last request I'm sure. Seriously, thank you for being so helpful here.

So onto my request. I got this labeled as Rebutia krainziana. It isn't, but I can't figure out what it is. I got some Parodia and Notocactus guesses so maybe it's one of those genus's. It's blooming from the top and pushes out a fuzzy areole before the petals are visible.

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Notocactus is in the genus parodia ,so yeah its a parodia im guessing dont know which specific type

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Thanks, wasn't sure if all Notocactus was lumped into Parodia, or what.

Now that I'm looking at Parodia specifically it looks like one of the examples of Parodia nothorauschii on this site.

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It appears that you have successfully ID'd your cactus; from looking at Google images, it does look like P. nothorauschii. That is one nice looking cactus, very pretty blooms.


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Exceptional blossom, and a nice pic of that insect!

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I found that P. nothorauschii might be a synonym for P. fusca. Is this the case? They look the same to me, just want to be sure before I go labeling it one if it's the other. All the renames make this confusing!

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