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nckvilledudes(7a NC)November 24, 2005

Hi all. A newbie to canna culture although I have successfully grown Tropicanna for two years now without lifting them each winter. Next spring I would like to trade some of my Tropicannas rhizomes for some Bengal Tiger rhizomes and would like to know the correct way to divide them. I have the Tropicannas growing in a solid tub (like the kind you can buy to line whiskey barrels to make them watertight) that is submerged in the ground. I did this since I had heard that cannas like moisture and in my garden that was the best way to ensure that they got adequate moisture. Any tips on how to go about dividing the rhizomes next year and how much of the rhizome (ie how many eyes, etc.) should be sent with each trade? Don't want to skimp on my trades since I am sure the rhizomes almost totally fill the tub. Thanks for your help!

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I would cut the rhizomes into 5-inch sections or larger, which should certainly ensure that there is at least one eye on each one. More important than visible eyes is the total mass in a section of rhizome. The bigger it is, the more stored energy there is, so larger pieces get off to a more vigorous start than smaller ones.

As a precaution against rot, I dust the cuts with sulphur, which is inexpensive and readily available at nurseries and other places where gardening supplies are sold.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks for the advise Nicolo. I will use it in the spring when I dig and divide the rhizomes.

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