My 2006 garden mistake

sydseeds(5A /ON)September 20, 2006

With the weather being warm and the ground so easy to dig in due to the recent rains I decided to dig my holes for the tulips.

Didn't dropped in any bulbs while digging but thought it would be nice to not have to don a parka & mittens during the hole-digging part down the road.

Since I plop in 50 bulbs per hole, those holes are pretty big. I dug the holes about a week ago.

Here's the problem......the piled earth from the holes being dug (that is needed to back-fill the holes) is gone!

The rains basically washed away/leveled the mound of earth. Now I am stuck with having to go run around at the limited gardening centres that still have stock to find bags of top soil to back fill these huge holes.

What a pain. Hope my posting helps others - if you're digging the hole - wait until the weather is suitable to do the bulb planting, otherwise, that backfill of earth may disappear on you if you wait too long.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Whoops! Not a bad idea though, pre digging some holes. I suppose you could put a tarp or something over the pile of soil to keep it from washing away.


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