woody64(5a)September 11, 2013

I have to transplant my strawberry garden cause its just too crowded and full of weeds and Iam wondering whats the best time to do it? If and when I take up plants I want to till the ground good. I also want to lay down some sort of plastic mulch or garden fabric to stop the damn weeds. So first;transplant now or the spring and secondly; does anyone have any suggestions on plastic mulch and where to get it?

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Pudge 2b

Fall is a great time to renovate a strawberry patch.

Plastic mulch, although it will stop weeds, will not benefit your planting. Garden fabric would be better although that will stop runners from rooting and within a couple of years your strawberry patch will no longer produce. Straw is an excellent mulch for strawberries and would be your best choice.

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